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Producing a stunt or an action sequence is the art of creating an total safety. Accomplishing this will demand in depth knowledge of the film making process and the specific skills, training and experience of the performers, not the fact that they are expendable or prepared to take risks. Also crucial to the equation is the identification, preparation and rehearsal of mechanical, physical and visual effects.

Dave has an academic background unique to the UK stunt industry. He is an Honours Degree graduate in Mechanical Engineering. Through this engineering background and being highly experienced in stunt rigging, Dave will become actively involved in the design and sourcing or construction of stunt equipment and effects across all aspects of film action.

Dave is trained in Health & Safety (National Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health) and an associate member of The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. With this background he has a firm understanding of the legal requirements of a production company and of its employees in maintaining a safe working environment especially during stunt activities.

Dave has been responsible for the compilation of Stunt Department Method Statements and Risk Assessments on Major productions. ‘Batman - Dark Night Rises’, ‘John Carter of Mars’ and ‘X Men First Class’ to name but a few.

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