As his stunt performing and coordinating career developed, an honours degree qualified engineer Dave’s vehicle knowledge and general engineering skills also played a key roll as he often undertook the design, preparation and construction of special stunt vehicles, ramps, cannoning devices and accelerators.


  With this practical experience as a foundation, Dave has since created thrilling chases, crashes and vehicular action at the highest standard, stamping his authority as one of the world’s most experienced arrangers of high end vehicle stunts and action sequences from a simple collision to high end multiple vehicle chases and crashes.

  In 2002 at the International Stuntman Festival, Moscow, Dave successfully jumped his specially prepared BMW a massive 250ft landing in a lake.

A distance never previously attempted into water.

For the film "7 Seconds" a 25 meter ramp had to be constructed. It featured a powerful nitrogen accelerator ram to thrust the car from standing to 40mph in just 4.5 metres. The end of the ramp was designed to drop just as the front wheels of the car found air, controlling the vehicles' trajectory and flight angle. The complete system and assembly was exclusively designed by Dave.

Dave performed several of the main driving stunts of the film “7 Seconds”. These included an ‘end over end’ cannon while embedding his car into the side of a second vehicle plus a number of high speed jumps, crashes and manoeuvres.

Dave prepared the vehicle and pipe ramp and also takes the wheel in this spectacular multiple roll for the Thriller / Horror “Hard Shoulder”

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